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Moonlight consists of "Service Users" who utilise their experiences to educate participants in a variety of training formats.

The training formats are variable and customisable as far as possible. Moonlight aims to recruit "Service Users" with a wide range of personal experiences according to diagnosis. For instance we often run courses that may be diagnosis specific, some of the courses we run may be about handling people suffering from anxiety disorders and therefore we call upon those who have specific personal experience of, say, "Anxiety neurosis". And, of course, those who suffer from “Manic Depression” handle courses regarding "Manic Depression".

Working with people who have varying diagnosis helps us understand intrinsiqly the central and familiar lines between all sufferers, this consequently leads on to greater quality courses that identifies need at a substantial level.

Most of our feedback suggests our ability to inform and enlighten is second to none. We would be glad to hear from you if you feel that our assistance would be helpful to your organisation/school/university etc.