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The Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Portal is a new free web site

The Portal aims to be a worldwide, interactive, personalised forum for the sharing of information by people whose lives are touched by mental health problems and/or learning disabilities. This includes people with mental health problems or learning disabilties, their parents, friends, carers, educators and therapists, as well as researchers, legislators and volunteers. If you are interested in getting up-to-date information about these issues, with the latest news items posted each week on your personal notice board, please register now.
"All about mental health" - although this is not a user-centric site and misses some points as a result, often many crucial points relating to the mental health services and inherent problems within......... --------Highly Recommended and highly "user-centric"
The Mental Health Foundation is the leading UK charity working in mental health and learning disabilities.

With pioneering research and community projects we aim to improve the support available for people with mental health problems and people with learning disabilities.
Information about our work with people with learning disabilities can be found on the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities website at: (The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities is part of the Mental Health Foundation.)

Mind are pretty much the original front-runner mental health organisation. This link takes you to the central headquarter website and you can find links to your local affiliate from there.

Mindout for Mental Health is an active campaign to stop the stigma and discrimination surrounding Mental Health.

Dubiously entitled "The World Federation for Mental Health"

  • Improving the quality of mental health services.
  • Reducing the stigma associated with mental and emotional disorders.
  • Protecting the human rights of persons defined as mentally ill.
  • Promoting mental health.
  • Preventing mental/emotional illness, distress and less than optimal function, both in general populations and in vulnerable groups at risk.
  • Identifying widespread mental health issues, and encouraging international, national and local campaigns for public education.